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High Tides, Floating Dumpsters, and Leaking Granite Walls

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 05, 2018

About a week ago we experienced a Nor'Easter here in Massachusetts. It really hit Boston hard on the waterfront and there are some really high end apartments in that area. I was watching the news and there was a dumpster floating down the street.

A few hours later we got a call from a condo property manager on that street. There was water coming in. What we found out through pictures is that it was a block foundation. Not cinder blocks but the big granite blocks built long ago. They put mortar between the block and they were leaking really badly.

We couldn't even get on the street because of the floating ice and dumpsters! We had to wait until the next day when the tide when down. We got there and we were able to stop the water from coming in from these huge tides.

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