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Here Comes Hurricane Irene, Prepare Your Basement and Your Home

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 26, 2011

Here comes Hurricane Irene. If you have had basement flooding problems, or you are concerned you may get them with the projected rain in our forecast in the New England Area. Here are some ways to get ready, and prevent a flooded basement.

  • Extend your downspouts away from your home in order to divert the water from your foundation. If you can, run them at least 3 to 5 feet away from your home.
  • Clean your gutters of debris. The easier the water can flow down the roof to the gutters and then out the gutters, the better. Overflowing gutters is a prime way to allow water into your basement.
  • If you are aware of foundation cracks, buy a foam spray at any hardware store and build a half circle barrier, 5 inches high, 3 feet on each side of the crack to retain the water, and give us a call.
  • Be sure bulkheads are tightly closed and sealed.
  • Board up windows, basement windows absolutely if you are in the area of a direct hit. If your basement windows are below grade, dig out the dirt from below your windows and replace with stone.
  • If you have any dead trees or branches overhanging your home, try to remove those.
  • With heavy rain, water doesn’t get absorbed into the ground. Therefore, water runs in rivers on the ground. Be sure that there is no debris on the ground that will divert water towards your home.
  • You may want a sump pump ready to go and be sure it is working. If you have a wet dry vac, be sure that is available and ready to go.

Priority is that sump pumps are plugged in and that you are prepared for emergency water removal.

To be safe, if you have items of value in your basement, try to remove them to an upper level in your home or raise them up.

Most of all, prepare for the next hurricane.

If you have had water in your basement before, you will get water in your basement again. So it is important to learn from the mistakes and be ready for the next emergency.

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