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Help! Why is my foundation wall seeping water?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Crackman had a couple calls recently from Milford & Hopkinton Mass where people were complaining about water oozing through the foundation walls.  Is that like something out of a horror movie or something a bit less sinister?

Narrator: It’s time once again for the “Crack Man Podcast” hosted by A1 Foundation Crack Repair. I’m Darren Kincaid here with the Crack Man himself, Rich Comeras. Rich has 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and over 25 years as the president and founder of A1 Foundation Crack Repair. This podcasts provides expert basement waterproofing, concrete repair, and preventative maintenance tips for homeowners and businesses. A1 Foundation’s valuable insight will help avert a disastrous flood within the basement, health problems associated with water infiltration, and protect your biggest investment….your home. The topic of today’s podcast: Help! Why is my foundation wall seeping water?

Narrator: So Rich, you had a couple calls recently from Milford & Hopkinton, MA, where people were complaining about water oozing through their walls. That sounds like something out of a horror movie, no?

Rich: Well it does. Yesterday, I had actually three calls between Hopkinton and Milford, MA in reference to this issue. We’ve been getting calls all summer in reference to it. ‘Coz we got a pretty humid summer so far, and all these people are sure that the water is coming through their foundations. Especially their garages, in the corners, or in their basements in the corners, and if they have water softeners or wells, it’s usually in that corner. It’s amazing how many we’ve had.

And what it really is, there’s no cracks, it’s not coming in where the floor and the wall meet, what it is, is condensation. And it’s amazing how much water can happen there. The wall feels wet, the floor feels wet, and it could even be a puddle. But what you have is condensation.

We’re getting this in Rhode Island, we’re getting it in New Hampshire, all the states that we do work in. Then the question is, how do we solve this issue? If it’s in a basement, first of all, do not open up your windows in the basement because all you’re letting in is moist air. So keep your windows closed. You may want to pick up a really good dehumidifier, one that has a pump on it that we can automatically drain the water outside. And we have ones that take out 103 pints of water a day. What a good dehumidifier will do is draw that moisture out of the air and then the area will dry up for you. But homeowners don’t jump to the conclusion that you have water coming through your foundation. In most cases with this weather, it’s condensation.

Narrator: Wow, great information Rich. So if you have liquid oozing through your walls, you don’t need to call Ghostbusters, just call the Crackman and he’ll set your mind at ease.  

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