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Foundation Wall Leaks - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 20, 2015

Foundational wall leaks have always been a common issue for homeowners. Especially during periods of heavy rain or snow melt. Foundation wall leaks can wreak havoc on your basement. Basement wall leaks, can happen in a couple different areas of your house for a few different reasons, and many repair options prove to be ineffective. Ineffective DIY attempts that fail include hydraulic cement, Flex Seal (as seen in TV), or tar. These methods tend to lead to frustration, wating time and money and can lead to further damage and additional repair cost.

When concrete cures improperly the water in the concrete can evaporate to quickly, to slowly or freeze which will cause concrete walls to crack. Cracks will typically be noticed near the corners of window, or were the foundation wall is stepped down to a different height. Cracks can also be seen in the middle of long walls that are the same height throughout. Once these cracks appear in the walls, leaking may follow with the next rain or the foundation wall crack may leak sometime in the future. More often than not the crack will leaking and can contribute to a flooded basement. This is especially true if there is not effective draining in the foundation of your house.

In order to permanently repair nonstructural concrete wall cracks and prevent future leaking and damage, the wall cracks must be repaired with a closed cell polymer resin by injection with an electric pump and/or a weaved carbon fiber process. Doing these repairs will permanently seal wall cracks, and end leaking issues in your basement.

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