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Foundation Crack Repairs: Fix from the Inside or the Outside? – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, November 17, 2016

This is often one of the first questions we get. We can fix foundation cracks from the inside or outside. Let’s talk about outside cracks first. First you have to understand that cracks, when they crack in foundation they go through the foundation so you have it on the inside and outside about 98% of the time. So you can fix cracks from the outside, but it is more time-consuming and there are some limitations.

Sometimes people want us to fix it from the outside because they don’t want us to open up their wall, sheet rock, paneling, cabinets or tile on the inside of the wall. When we repair cracks from the outside we have to dig down and often about 6 feet down. We have to make the hole big enough that a technician can get into the hole. Sometimes there are restrictions and we can’t dig in that area right there because it is asphalt, concrete, or large plantings of bushes or trees. It is a lot more costly this way.

The more preferred method to repair a foundation crack is from the inside. And regardless of the state we are in, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island, most of the cracks are repaired from inside. If it was my house I would want it repaired from inside because I would also want to know if any mold has grown. The material we use is going to work its way towards the outside, so there is no reason to have to repair it from the outside when you can do it from the inside and you can see if you have mold.

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