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Foundation Crack Repair, Scituite, MA - Do It Yourself Blunder

Darren Kincaid - Thursday, August 27, 2015

We went out to do a job this week in Scituite. The customer did not want us to cut out the sheetrock from the finished basement. As we started to dig to follow the crack down, we discovered that someone had poured come concrete in front of the crack and then stacked cinder blocks on top of each other. They homeowner then attempted to seal the blocks to the foundation wall. This was a true do it yourself blunder! The crack still leaked when they decided to call us. We than had to cut and remove the sheetrock that was in front of the crack and repair the leaking crack from inside the basement. To make matters worse, we discovered mold on the sheetrock that was facing the wall. When we showed the customer the mold she was very thankful that we discovered it so the mold would not spread throughout the house. All the more reason to call a crack repair professional at the first sight of water!

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