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Fix Basement Cracks Before Beginning Basement Remodeling - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 16, 2013

A rebound in the housing market has made homeowners more willing to take part in renovations that will boost the home values in a rising market. Rather than build home additions, many are opting to remodel the basement in order to add living space. However, there is a very important question you need to consider before you begin this huge and expensive endeavor.

Is your basement dry? What that really means is have you ever had a basement flood before? And, is there high basement humidity? These are two separate questions but the answer to both is very important.

If you have had basement water, one time, years ago or several times, whenever it rains, you need to fix this problem before  you begin the basement remodeling project. Whether you are finishing your basement for living space or storage space, a wet basement will only cause you problems. And, if it has flooded once, it will flood again, so a basement water specialist is necessary before you begin any projects.

If your basement is humid, that humidity needs to be controlled. Anything above 55% humidity, and mold growth can begin as well as the dank, musty smell that is so common in basements. A basement humidifier and air infiltration is necessary for humid basements.

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