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Essential Basement Leak Prevention Method: Exterior Drain Cleaning

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 07, 2010

Every year in the wet fall and spring, thousands of homeowners and commercial property owners across the country suffer flooded basements, loss of personal property, personal time, and indeed the cost of cleanup. The best kind of basement waterproofing you can do to prevent flooding in your home is to insure effective exterior drain cleaning.  Many new homeowners do not realize that basements are actually kept dry and in-tact from a drainage system surrounding the exterior foundation of the home. These "footer drain tiles," as they are called, move excess water away from the foundation and deposit it in a location where it will not harm the basement.

Most basement waterproofing problems exist because the footers tiles clog with debris over the years. They are not able to do their primary job, to move water away from the home. By performing drain cleaning on the exterior system, water is again able to move through the footers thus ensuring that the basement is protected from flooding.

Unfortunately, only a fully registered home improvement contractor repair and replace exterior footer drains. In order to tap into the footer drains, you need to excavate a section of the exterior of your home's foundation. Additionally, the proper way to clean a blocked footer drain involves the use of a high-pressure water jetting system that blasts clogs out of the drains.  If you are thinking about repairing your basement waterproofing drainage system, do the smart thing and choose our proven A-1 home foundation crack repair method. We guarantee you will save money in the end by avoiding a catastrophic flood within your home.  

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