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Don’t Try to Sell a Home With Basement Cracks and Water Problems - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 02, 2013

The real estate market is rebounding in Massachusetts. But that does not mean that you can cut corners or neglect issues because of lack of home inventory. Too often as realtors, you see home inspections used as bargaining pieces. Basement cracks are an issue that need to be addressed before you list your home. Realtors, if you are about to list a home with basement cracks and water problems, think twice. Help your client make the right decision and call for basement crack repair.
Do not let basement cracks and foundation leaks ruin the sale or lower the home price you want.

Just the idea of basement water can ruin a home sale or cause a home inspection to become a bargaining chip used to lower the asking price. If you want to take advantage of the low inventory of single family homes and put your home on the market, get it ready for sale first and you could really capitalize. Rather than having offers asking you to lower your price, you could very well receive more than you wanted.

A-1 Foundation Crack Repair has become one of the leading providers of basement crack repair. If you are  in search of reliable basement waterproofing and foundation crack repairs to show the potential buyers of your home, contact us. The A-1 Method repairs existing cracks and also helps prevent future cracks.

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