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Does Flexseal Work on Basement Water Problems? - Nashua, NH

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 04, 2015

We got a call about a week ago from a gentleman who had a handyman come and try to repair a leaking tie-rod. A tie-rod is a little metal rod that goes through the concrete that holds together the pieces of wood that creates the forms for the foundation as it is poured. After the foundation is poured, those tie rods are broken in order to remove the wood, but the metal tie rods stay within the foundation. Of course metal rusts with moisture. So, overtime the tie-rods rusted, got smaller, and allowed water to enter the home.

Unfortunately, DIY repairs were attempted first. They first attempted hydraulic cement. Hydraulic cement does not expand and contract and concrete does, so the problem is back again.

Next they tried to put Flexseal on also because they had seen it advertised on TV. Of course, it started raining, and the tie-rod started leaking right through the hydraulic cement and right through the flexseal.

Luckily, they called us to help them out. We went in and drilled holes partway through right next to the tie-rod. We put our ports in the small holes that we drilled, and pumped a liquid that is a closed-cell polymer resin into the holes under pressure. This resin encapsulates the tie-rod and forms a gasket around it.

Now, with a written warranty, that customer's problem is solved and they are all set to sell that house.

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