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Does FlexSeal work on basement wall cracks?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Q. I have some small cracks in my basement that have started to leak. Can I just use FlexSeal to keep the water out?

A. I get calls from people all the time that say they have tried FlexSeal. That's the the product you see advertised on TV. But, I've repaired a ton of cracks in basements that have had FlexSeal. Maybe a crack in the wall, tie-rod, bulkhead, or where a floor and a wall meet. If you think about it, how can you spray something onto a crack and then expect it to withstand the pressure of the water as it wants to come through. Recently we have had a lot of calls with the weather that we have had, the freeze/thaw rain cycle where there have been a lot of FlexSeal failures. If you look at my website, you can see a lot of pictures of these failures.

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