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Do You Remember the Old Midas Muffler Commercials?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 17, 2011

Midas ran a years-long advertising campaign about car muffler systems.  The ads targeted those who knew their car’s mufflers were going bad but continued to “bury their head in the sand" about the subject.  The real message was “You can pay me a little now…or a LOT later”.  Let me tell you, the same is true for those of you who continue to “bury your head” about known damage to your home’s foundation.

Let me first say that “a lot” is relative. Of course, we are very familiar with others who perform concrete foundation crack repair services.   Absolutely NONE of them come close to the value service provided by A-1 Foundation Crack Repair.  But the fact is, in a relative short time, home foundation damage can transform a little problem into “a lot” of problem.  Of course, everyone must realize that degree of repair difficulty directly affects the overall repair cost.

Although there are many subjects that you can “bury your head” upon, existing damage to your home's foundation  is NOT one of them.  The sooner you get it repaired, the MUCH less expansive and expensive the damage.      

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