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DIY Basement Waterproofing...What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Let’s create a scenario. You have a quote from a crack repair company, but it seems a little high, so you are thinking of doing the job yourself.

You can try. The percentage of success is very very low. We get all kinds of calls from homeowners and contractors about hydraulic cement, which is the “preferred” method of repair. What they are doing is chiseling out that foundation crack and creating V. Then they are stuffing hydraulic cement in there. I’m getting calls from homeowners all over Massachusetts because it is now leaking. Hydraulic cement is a temporary fix that only works sometimes. This is because hydraulic cement does not expand and contract and the concrete around it does. So the water can come in.

In fact the directions on the container of hydraulic cement says to do just what they are doing. Cut a V near the crack and fill. But, it doesn’t work most of the time. To fix it, we use a few different methods: electric pumps, polymer resins. We look at the crack and choose the best method and we give our customers a warranty. But, not just a warranty for them, the warranty is transferable, so if they sell, it can be used by the new homeowners.

A professional has better solutions, better knowledge and better experience, and best of all, the pro’s have a warranty.

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