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Dehumidifiers for Basements with High Humidity

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 31, 2013

Basements are below grade, by nature they are humid in the warm weather. With warm weather outdoors meeting the cool walls of your basement foundation, humidity and condensation become problems in the summer months. Humidity causes mold, respiratory problems, and damage to your belongings.

Add to this the fact that new construction, though more energy efficient, is also more airtight. Airtight means less airflow, and the air  in your home needs to move, this can create condensation, mold, musty smells and moisture issues.
It is hot in Boston this weekend, combined with all the rain we got last week, and if you have basement cracks and basement humidity, you have the perfect storm for mold growth.
Moisture or humidity in your home is a bad idea. There are only two possible ways to eliminate basement humidity and condensation: heat the air or pull the moisture out of it. Of course you are not going to heat the air in your home during the summer. Therefore, the only option is to remove the moisture from the air. How? With basement dehumidifiers.

In fact, large-capacity dehumidifiers have been found to be more energy-efficient than medium-capacity dehumidifiers. They also cost you less per pint of water removed. Installing a dehumidifier can remove the humidity from the basement which is a very efficient  way to remove the moisture from the air, thus removing the potential for mold growth from your home.

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