Concrete waterproofing—An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Gold Replacing it.

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do you remember how good your concrete floor looked when it first was installed? So fresh looking and free of cracks? If it could only stay that way forever. As concrete ages it will it start showing signs of wear and tear. But it IS possible to stave off the effects of aging and the elements by low cost prevention methods.

Here’s the primary culprit: water. Concrete spalls and decays due to water penetrating the concrete and then freezing. To prevent water from penetrating the concrete, you need to seal it. A-1 Foundation Crack Repair’s unique water-based sealant penetrates deep into the concrete--up to four inches deep--and permanently seals the concrete. This eliminates the damage due to the freezing of the water in the concrete. The sealant also protects the concrete from most chemicals, acid rain, and corrosion caused by ion penetration and alkali/silica reaction. Our product is environmentally friendly, 100% non-toxic, non- hazardous and will not harm grass, plants, or marine life. The sealant will also aid in the abatement of mold that makes the concrete darken over time.

Check out the damage caused by water/moisture penetration on the concrete below

damage stairs

The primary advantages & benefits of water proofing your concrete

  • Prevents penetration of chloride ions from de-icing salts
  • Eliminates damage caused by repeated freezing and thawing cycles
  • Seals and protects against hairline and thermal cracks
  • Reduces Alkali Silica Reactions (ASR) thus eliminates silica dusting
  • Eliminates Fungous Growth
  • Increases concrete hardness
  • Surface water repellency
  • Protection against spalling & efflorescence
  • Prolongs the life of the substrate

The science of waterproofing

Okay so if you’re geeky like us at A1 Foundation Crack Repair and want to understand what’s really happening at the microscopic level, this paragraph is for you. The crystals formed by this treatment have hygroscopic and hydrophilic properties that provide a double action in moisture blocking. Under wet conditions, and upon contact with moisture, the hydrophilic behavior allows the crystals to swell and fill the void preventing moisture from passing through. Simultaneously, the hygroscopic property of the crystals provides a continual growth towards the source of moisture, resulting in permanent moisture blocking at the source. Under dry conditions, the crystals release the moisture in a desorption process that makes the crystals shrink to their original size. The swelling/shrinking process of the crystals will allow the concrete to continually breathe.

The bottom line is this. By eliminating all water and moisture associated problems, waterproofing your concrete prolongs its life span and dramatically reduces maintenance cost. Give us a call at 866-929-3171 if you want more information about waterproofing your concrete.

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A-1 Foundation Crack Repair, Inc. is a fully registered home improvement contractor. Contact us today to talk to a knowledgeable, master waterproofing professional.