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Causes Foundation Cracks - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 26, 2013

There are many causes of foundation cracks in buildings, anything, from natural causes like the recent tremors to using wrong or inadequate building materials.

Some foundation cracks are more serious than others, but most all should be repaired.

Foundation cracks may appear in the walls bricks/block mortar plaster, beam-wall joints, columns –wall joints, slabs, beams, columns, foundations and in many other places. As foundation and basement wall cracks appear, you should consult a crack repair specialist in order to discover the seriousness and significance.

Most buildings will develop cracks at some point during their s life due to the following causes.

Poor workmanship
Poor building materials will cause cracks in the walls, beams, and slabs.

Temperature extremes
Most building materials will expand and contract during heating and freezing therefore, cracks result. The cracks can be severe.

Structural design
Poor structural design is another cause of the cracks in concrete.

Environmental factors
Soil and slope of the land around the foundation should always be considered. Weight of a building also need to be considered.

It’s always important to take good care of your house and yard by doing maintenance works.

Natural forces
Earthquakes, winds, rains, flooding and many others may cause cracking in the buildings.

For information on basement and foundation crack repair, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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