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Can I use Waterproofing Paint on Stone Foundations?

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, August 10, 2017

I got a call recently from a homeowner in Dedham, MA. He sent me some beautiful pictures of a beautifully painted stone foundation. There were three areas with water streaming from it in areas that had been painted.

A1 Foundation Basement Waterproofing - Boston, Dedham,MAA1 Foundation Basement Waterproofing - Boston, Dedham,MA

You are welcome to use water proofing paint on your stone foundation, it makes it look nice, but does it really stop water? I don't believe so.

We fixed it, we have two methods we can use to fix these situations.

The first is with oakum, which is like rope. We soak it in a polymer resin, clean out in between the stones where it the stone foundation is leaking, push it between the stones and then put a specialty mortar over that.

Or, we can take another material which is a crystalized based material, again clean it out where it is leaking and put it in there.

I wish we could have gotten there as the foundation was leaking. I like to fix it as the water is coming in, and the customers do too!

We see these issues all over New England, from the Cape to Worcester to Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

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