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Basement Waterproofing Reduces Home Energy Bills – Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 06, 2014

Many basements and foundations have floor and wall cracks. Basement waterproofing requires the expertise of a foundation specialist. Every home is different, and different foundations have different needs.

For the most part, foundation wall leaks or basement leaks are caused by foundation wall cracks or actual openings in the foundation walls like doors, bulkheads and windows. Porous bricks and concrete foundations will often leak as well.

Too often, basement cracks are left unattended, but did you know that basement crack repair can improve your electricity bills? If you put your hand over that crack you can feel the cool moist air coming through.  At a time when homeowners are watching their utility bills and trying to figure out how to make their homes more efficient, basement waterproofing might be one answer. High humidity levels in the basement can increase electricity bills between 15%-25%. This is because it takes more energy to heat humid air than it does to heat dry air. Basement cracks will let flowing water in, but they do let cold air in the winter and humid air in the summer when you don’t need it.

Water can get in the basement through cracks in the foundation walls, small holes in the windows, poorly sealed doors or leaking bulkheads. Even small amounts of basement water can cause humidity. Humidity can cause other problems in addition to higher energy bills. Water and humidity can cause structural damage to your home, like rust, mold, rot, insects, and an odorless gas (radon) which can be dangerous especially to those with allergies.

  • While your basement may be a room that is not often used, however, taking care of it means taking care of your entire home. Help lower your energy bills during every season. Make the long-term investment and waterproof the basement. You will save money on utilities and increase your home’s value when it is time to sell.
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