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Basement Waterproofing Pre-Winter Inspection – MA, RI, NH & CT

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Of all the residential foundation repair services we offer, we feel the common sense advice offered below to be vitally important. Please consider the following winter protective measures for your home’s foundation. Every year we service customers who could have avoided winter and/or freeze-related water damage and basement floods.

Leaking Basement Areas:

  1. Tie Rods
  2. Floor/Wall Seams
  3. Pipe Penetrations
  4. Wall Cracks
  5. Floor Cracks
  6. Cold Joints
  7. Bulkheads

Some telltale signs that these areas have leaked in the past are water stains, rust stains, white powder; salts and minerals leaching from concrete (efflorescence), cracks that seem to get wider, musty odor and dampness in basement. Basement Leak Prevention:

  1. Down Spouts
  2. Gutters
  3. Electrical Meter Connection
  4. Grading
  5. Check Sump Pump
  6. Vacation Heat
  7. Don’t Delay, Weather is on the way

Your friends at A-1 Foundation Crack Repair are glad to offer sound common sense (and cost saving) advice to help prevent destructive flooding due to harsh New England winters. Whether you live in Shrewsbury, MA Providence, RI Salem, NH or Putnam, CT if you see any signs of potential water leaks or have any questions about our services, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair today! A-1 Foundation Crack Repair, the foundation repair and basement waterproofing specialists.

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