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Basement Waterproofing for the Smart Homeowner - Worcester – MA, RI, NH & CT

Joseph Coupal - Monday, January 27, 2014

It is human nature to ignore a minor problem, only to address it when it becomes a much bigger and more serious problem. In business since 1993, we have noticed the same concept apply to homeowners when addressing their basement waterproofing problems. The most common sources of basement water leaks are from basement wall cracks, basement floor cracks, pipe penetrations, cold joints, leaking bulkheads and floor/wall seams. Some telltale signs of the start of a water problem are visible basement cracks, moisture, dampness, or a white powdery material (efflorescence).

Evidence of moisture and/or dampness in your basement may lead to unhealthy mold issues if not addressed in a timely fashion. Evidence of a white powder like material (efflorescence), on your foundation walls or floors, is a sign that there is a void or leak on the exterior of the foundation letting water inside.  A professional basement waterproofing contractor should be contacted at the first sign of a water infiltration problem in order to diagnose and make proper repairs to prevent any serious damage.

There are two kinds of cracks “Those that leak, and those that are going to leak” – Richard Comeras, President, A-1 Foundation Crack Repair.

The smart homeowner will fix a basement crack sooner rather than later to save money and avoid the problems that arises from a flooded basement.  Coincidently, just today we repaired 2 foundation wall cracks from a worried homeowner from Worcester, MA “I want these cracks fixed before I get flooding like my brother-in-law.” Waiting to fix a basement crack runs the risk of that crack widening over time, opening the door for structural damage and future costly repairs. In conclusion, the sooner you address you basement waterproofing issues, the cheaper the repair and less of a headache you will encounter.

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