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Basement Waterproofing – Boston, MA – Building History & Stone Foundations

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 13, 2014

Over two hundred years ago it was nearly impossible to walk in the city of Boston. The city of Boston was built on a peninsula, an area of land that extended out into the Atlantic Ocean. The land was surrounded by marshes. In Boston, these marshes were filled with high tide water twice a day. As more people migrated to Boston, the area became more populated. As a result, the residents of Boston recognized the need for additional land. To that end, they began to fill the marshes with landfill, creating solid ground.

With homes sitting on man-made land, there is a growing concern regarding basement waterproofing in Boston. Residences are sitting on more water than normal. A lot of homes have shifted and settled and water has found its way into their basements. Combining this with extremely high water tables, and many homes being constructed with stone foundations, you have a recipe for wet basements and foundation issues in the city of Boston. As these homes have aged over the years, so have their foundations. The mortar in between the stones crumbles and decays allowing water and insects to penetrate into the basement. These issues should be addressed at the first sign of water infiltration to protect your basement and structural integrity of your foundation.

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