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Basement Waterproofing Before Basement Remodeling – Newton, Brookline, West Roxbury

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 30, 2013

Are you looking for more living space in your home? Interested in remodeling the basement, but you have had basement water problems? Just because you have had water in the basement does not mean that you cannot finish the basement. You just need basement waterproofing.
Many basements are prone to moisture, so waterproofing is an important element for a successful basement renovation. Taking care of foundation cracks and waterproofing issues before you tackle basement remodeling will save you money and headaches and the aggravation of future repairs.

If you have ever had water in the basement, have dampness on the walls, regular water after rains, or cracks in the foundation. Remember, if you have had water or moisture you will again if the problem is not fixed. All water will come back someday so have these issues addressed beforehand.  This will keep any future water from entering your new basement living space or your exterior walls.

Don't take shortcuts or temporary measures when waterproofing the basement or fixing foundation cracks. Consult with a professional and do it right so you will not have to deal with it after the fact. Remember that the right basement water proofing will ensure a successful basement renovation project that will ultimately increase the value of your home while providing you years of enjoyment.

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