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Basement Dehumidifiers Keep Your Boston Basement Dry

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 21, 2013

It has been wet, and now it is getting hot. In the Boston Area, that means humid basements in our homes. Basement dehumidifiers lower the humidity in the air.  Moisture levels are higher during the warmer weather, add to it a month of rain, and odds are there are a lot of humid basements right now. But humid weather can cause more than just humid basements. Humidity in your basement can actually result in puddling water and dampness on your floor and walls.

Home dehumidifiers are used to dry the air in basements and crawlspaces which are prone to high humidity levels because they are below ground.  The cool basement walls connecting with the warm inside air created high humidity. This causes mold and moisture in your home, but it also makes it feel warmer in your home. A home dehumidifier effectively removes moisture from the air in your home, stopping mold growth and making your home feel cooler.

It's not dry - unless it feels dry, smells dry and looks dry. There are only two possible ways to eliminate humidity from the air: heat the air or pull the moisture out of it. A high quality, low maintenance dehumidifier is the best choice for most basements.  For more information, contact A-1 Foundation.

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