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Basement Cracks in Boston are Affected by Cold Weather - Boston, MA

Joseph Coupal - Friday, December 13, 2013

December is here and so are foundation cracks. The cause of many foundation cracks are due to the regular freeze and thaw cycle that is common throughout the Boston, MA area. Just like you learned in school, freezing liquid expands and thawing liquid retracts. When considering foundation and basement cracks in your home, keep this in mind.

As the snow, rain and ground water in the soil around your home freezes and thaws, the soil swells and reduces. This leaves spaces or voids in the soil between your foundation and the soil, this makes cracks or veins in the soil where water can flow toward your foundation, and it can increase the size of the foundation and basement floor cracks in your home.

Water finds the path of least resistance. As water flows through the veins and cracks in the soil, it can flow into basement cracks. The water can freeze in these basement cracks, enlarging them, and water can flow into your basement when it thaws.

Cold causes contraction and warm causes expansion. As the soil expands and contracts, this can also slightly shift the position of your foundation walls, causing small cracks to become expensive problems. There is no way to stop this. Inevitably in winter, soil expands and contracts changing the flow of water.  However, basement crack repair specialists can prevent water from entering your home by sealing basement cracks.

To prevent basement water through the freeze thaw cycle, contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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