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Basement Crack Repair the Right Way with Waterproofing Specialists - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, November 08, 2013

Many homeowners want to know ‘what is the best and right way to waterproof the basement?’ Too many attempt a DIY solution that unfortunately doesn’t work at all or doesn’t last. The problem is, you only know it won’t work when your basement crack repair fails again, causing damage to your basement.

The answer to the question of basement crack repair is not always straight forward. The right solution depends on the way water is entering your home. Basement waterproofing options can vary and the do require the expertise of an basement waterproofing specialist.

Most basement walls leaks are caused by foundation cracks or concrete basement floor cracks and other direct opening in the foundation walls and around basement windows. These can also include openings in cracked porous bricks and bulkheads that allow water to get in.

It’s important to remember that the only effective way to stop water from entering through these openings is by calling a foundation repair specialist.

Waterproofing techniques include spray on sealants, membranes, polyurethane polymer injections  and epoxy waterproofing supplies designed to fill and seal cracks in solid concrete foundation walls.

There are also waterproofing techniques for diverting water  flow outside your home . Dirt can be used along foundation to make the ground slope away from the house allowing water flow away from the foundation of your home.

On the interior, the A-1 Foundation Crack Repair method of waterproofing is with the gravity fed system. A polymer is used to create a bond between the concrete cracks which fills the entire void to the bottom. This polymer can be used on both wet and dry materials, and it can work its way into small hairline cracks to make a more powerful bond. For more information contact us.

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