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Basement and Foundation Cracks Cause Foundation Leaks - Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 23, 2013

A house with poured concrete foundation walls has several different cracks in foundation walls. None of them seemed to be leaking, but should a homeowner be concerned.

Poured concrete foundation walls will crack because they have no control or expansion joints. In general, if the cracks are not leaking, it usually is not a problem. However, if one or more of these cracks do leak, they are easily fixed by a basement crack repair specialist. Poured concrete walls have no interior cavities or webbing so where you see the water is also where the leak is.
However, masonry foundation walls have can be leaking in one location outside and showing up somewhere else inside.
Vertical cracks in poured concrete walls are the most common. Diagonal cracks are considered a little more serious.  Horizontal cracks are common in block walls.

In a concrete basement floor, sometimes damp spots appear around the hairline cracks in the concrete floor. This means that the ground under the concrete floor is wetter than it should be.

If you have a sump pump assembly in your basement it should have a clean basket free of debris, functional pump and should discharge the water away from the house.

Also, outside ground and rain water should be able to easily move away from your home. Also, be sure the gutters clean and debris free? If you see damp spots on your basement floors, add 3 to 4 feet extensions to your downspouts that bring water away from the house.  Check to see if there is any water collecting from soil that is not properly sloped.

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Excerpts The Times Herald

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