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Aren't Basements Supposed to be Dark and Damp?

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 19, 2011

There are plenty of homes out there with leaky basements. Many homeowners just assume their basement will be dark and damp. Maybe the concrete floor has a crack, or the foundation leaks a bit, or perhaps there is a leak where the pipes go through the basement walls. Through a towel on that, clean that right up and you’re all set right? Wrong.

Even if you don’t have a finished basement, even if the water doesn’t bother anything at all, you should take basement leaks seriously. Here's why:

Insects - There are many insects that seek out dark and damp areas including termites, cockroaches and spiders. We aren’t just talking about not liking bugs here. Termites and wood boring beetles, can damage your home. But insects can also cause health problems and they very challenging to get rid of without taking serious steps that involve harsh chemicals.

Health Problems - Mold and mildew dark and damp places, and damp basements are the perfect habitat. Mold can have serious effects on your family’s health, especially if there are asthma or allergies involved. Mold can increase the asthma attacks and itchy, watery eyes.

Integrity of your Foundation - A small wall or floor crack may seem harmless. But that crack may be hiding something bigger that you just can’t see.  If your doors aren’t shutting right floors are starting to warp this could be a result of the leak in your basement.

Resale value – Adding a basement to the list of amenities of your home when you  go to sell is a huge advantage. However, listing a home that has water damage in the basement is a big red flag. With all the homes on the market, and all the choices buyers have today, your home needs to be as enticing as ever to attract buyers.

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