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A-1 Foundation Crack Repair Can Install Your Sump Pump

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 30, 2010

Did you know that most basement water problems are not basement problems at all? They can be exterior drainage problems. So before you consider a sump-pump installation, take a good look at the drainage around your home. Make sure that gutters aren't clogged, and that downspout extensions move roof runoff at least 4 ft. beyond the foundation and that the soil within 3 ft. of the foundation slopes away from the house. If need be A-1 Foundation Crack Repair would be glad to perform an inspection of your foundation and check where the source is.

Even if these conditions have been met, water may still accumulate in your basement. The problem may be a utility trench that invisibly channels runoff back to the house or a seasonally high ground-water table. In these cases, a sump-pump installation is a good solution. Many new homes have a sump pit already in place, complete with a drainage-tile system under the basement floor that's designed to channel water to the pit.

This system is most appropriate where water infiltrates only one area of the basement, or where the basement floor was poured over a gravel bed. Many homes built over the past 30 years have several inches of gravel beneath the concrete floor. The gravel was used to bring a slightly over-excavated floor back to grade. Because water seeks the path of least resistance and will migrate sideways before it moves up, moisture beneath the floor will move through the layer of gravel to a sump pit before flooding the floor.

Sump pumps sound great. Well the only problem is that it's a big job that involves removing a 24-in.-wide swath of concrete and soil from the inside perimeter of the basement, adding gravel, drain tiles and a pit and replacing the concrete. Which is why we suggest you hire the professionals at A-1 to come in and do the work for you. While most home repair activities are do-it-yourself, they require a lot of expertise and labor to get the job done perfect. And our trained professionals know what to look for and how to find the best solution for your home. Contact us today and don't let water leaks take control of your home.

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