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5 Prep Steps to Prevent Basement Water During a Nor-Easter

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New England got pounded by Nor 'Esters this past March. The first thing homeowners should do to be prepared is to go outside and check on their gutters and downspouts and be sure they are in good working order. Downspouts help water run away from the foundation, they may need to add extenders to them. Next is to be sure your sump pump is working correctly. A sump pump that does not work is no good at all.

If you know you have a bulkhead that is leaking, at least put a tarp over it to prevent at least some of the leaking. Get some towels ready if you have cracks in the walls and start a towel brigade. Or, get some of that spray insulation and spray it on the floor around the crack. That foam will create a moat and hold the wate that you can remove with a wet vac.

Also, always take note on where the water is coming in from so you can then talk to a professional.

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