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Why Basements Leak

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, March 27, 2010

Basement Leaks - MA, RI, CT, NH

Most basements leak because there is or are either vertical-step or horizontal cracks on the outside of basement walls through which water enters and gets onto your floor. Water/moisture will also enter the wall through and around where gas lines, electric lines, and plumbing enter the wall below ground. The only way you will completely keep all water from getting into the wall is to have these openings correctly sealed and backfilled on the outside of your foundation (basement wall). If you only have 1 crack then that is all you need to fix on the outside. You only need to waterproof about 5 linear feet on the outside.  You most likely do not need the entire wall done or all the way around the house done as some companies will try hard to sell you. Basements leak because there are"direct openings" into the house on the outside of the house and you have to go to the outside to seal them, not inside unless you use the A-1 Foundation Crack Repair method. An inside water diverting method (jackhammer,drain tile) ONLY diverts water that has already entered the wall to under the floor. It doesn't stop water from entering walls. Therefore it cannot stop or prevent mold/efflorescence from growing on your wall or behind your paneling/drywall. The A-1 inside/outside method done correctly will!

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