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Waterproof Your Basement Before Remodeling

Joseph Coupal - Friday, August 17, 2012

Mold loves to grow on wood, fabric and other organic material. Actually, finished basements are more conducive to mold growth than unfinished basements, so it is very important to waterproof the basement before your begin this project.  So, before you finish your basement, make it waterproof and moisture proof.
How? The first and most basic step is to ensure you have a basement dehumidifier to keep humidity down. If possible, check for basement moisture or dampness after heavy rain. Check all your pipe penetrations to be sure there are no leaks in those areas. The most common basement leaks arise where the floor meets the walls, so check this area thoroughly.

Of course, keep your gutters and downspouts clean so that rain water runs away from your home. If you are not sure if your foundation walls leak, thoroughly tape a piece of aluminum foil on the suspect spot. After a few days, if there is water between the foil and the wall, you have a leak. If there is water on the front of the foil facing the room, you have a humidity problem.

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