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Water Coming into Your Home from Under or Over the Footer

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 30, 2011

We have been having some spring-like weather with a lot of rain and there is more on the way. At A-1 Foundation Crack Repair, we hope that you have not had any water in the basement. But understanding how water enters your home is the best prevention.

As you know, water seeks the path of least resistance. It gets into your home through cracks in walls and foundation and over and under the footer. It is  important to address the issues which are the source of the problem.

If water enters your home from multiple areas, it is important to address those problems at the same time. Addressing one problem at a time will still allow water in your home.

Two common ways we see water in the basement is over and under the footer of your home.

Water coming in under the footer
Common construction methods may leave a small space between the footer and the poured basement floor. Excess water under the structure may create pressure and cause water to find its way through those small cracks and into your basement.

Water coming in over the footer
Water in the basement can also comet through the crack between the footer and wall sitting on it, often causing damage to the inside of your home or making the basement space unusable for storage or recreation.

Contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair if you suspect that your basement is flooding because of your homes footer.

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