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Wall Pipe Leaks Can Cause Trouble as Winter Ends

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 24, 2012

While pipe leaks may start small, they can become big problems if you don't find them quickly. Pipe leaks often occur after the winter freeze. Here are a few tips on where to look for tiny leaks that may have occurred as a result of frozen pipes.

Outside Spigots

Cold weather may have compromised pipes or your outdoor spigots. A careful check of your foundation around the spigots and faucets will let you know if you have leaks. When spring arrives, replace the gaskets in your hoses so that there is no dripping during use that can cause issues with your foundation.

Your Pipes

Less obvious pipe leaks from inside the walls and foundation may be more difficult to find. If you have a diagram of the pipes, you may better know where to look. Sometimes, the water from a leak will run down a length of pipe due to surface tension and gravity, and drip onto internal building structures where wood rot or damaged concrete will eventually cause huge problems.

Tiny leaks are hard to find but understanding where they may occur can help. Once a leak is found contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair for help on fixing wall pipe foundation and penetration leaks.

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