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Tell Tale Signs That You Might Need Foundation Repair

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 23, 2010

To keep your home or commercial building safe you should perform regular checks. To do this, go down the list of some possible signs of a foundation problem, and make sure they don't exist. Try to pay close attention to any oddities. Even then, there may be some you may not see. That's why A-1 Foundation Crack Repair can help. Our professional team can spot problems you may have missed and get the problem fixed. Even if you detect the smallest leak, don't let it manifest into large issue, call A-1 today.

It is very important that you know the signs of a failing foundation to protect your house or commercial building from damage. Here is a small checklist:

  • The first is squeaky or sticky doors. If your doors start squeaking when you move them or they start sticking to the door frame when it didn't do so before, you need a foundation repair.
  • The second is similar to the first, but it involves windows.
  • Another way to verify if you need foundation repair with the door is to check the frame. If the frame is separated from the door sill, you, most likely, have a foundation problem.
  • The fourth sign of the need of foundation repair is curling/separating wallpaper.
  • Bowed walls are another sign of a foundation problem.
  • A leaning chimney is the sixth common sign of foundation damage.
  • The seventh sign of needing foundation repair is cracks appearing in the corners of door/window frames. These cracks can also be seen on brick fireplace walls.
  • Unleveled floors are the eighth sign of a foundation problem.
  • Another obvious sign of foundation damage is nails popping out for no apparent reason. 
  • The tenth sign of needing foundation repair is gaps between a patio/stoop. 

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