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So Much May Rain Means Wet Basements

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, May 10, 2012

We are in a drought, and “they” keep saying we need the rain. Well, there was quite a bit of rain last night and if you awoke to a wet or damp basement, you have some problems. Even if you have never had water in your basement before, you will most likely get it again.

Water finds the path of least resistance, and when that much rain falls for so long, unfortunately in many cases it found its way into your home. Water finds its way through cracks in the foundation walls, cracks in the cement floor, and from leaking bulkheads.

Overtime, as your foundation settles and soil shifts through the seasons, you may now have basement water all of a sudden when you haven’t ever had it before. If you awoke to water in your basement, contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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