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Putting Off Foundation Repair Can Result in the Problems Getting Much Worse

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 07, 2011

Whether you're selling or buying a house, a foundation problem can easily be a "deal-breaker." Symptoms of foundation problems are impossible to ignore: cracks in bricks, concrete blocks or poured concrete, bowed walls, concrete slabs that have cracked and settled, floors that tilt or sag, and windows or doors that can't operate properly because a settled foundation has skewed their framing.

Even if a prospective home buyer accepts the risk of buying a house with foundation problems, it's unlikely that a bank or mortgage lender will allow a mortgage to be granted for such a problem property. Foundation problems are certain to be identified when the bank's appraiser inspects the house or goes over the standard disclosure documents provided by the real estate agent. In today's market, banks and mortgage lenders are on the alert for flaws and liabilities that might make a house difficult to sell.

The good news about foundation problems is that most of these problems can be effectively solved especially with our A-1 Method. Home buyers and banks often assume the worst when they encounter bowed foundation walls, wide cracks, settled slabs and similar problems. They're likely to believe that the entire foundation must be replaced, or that a settled slab must be demolished and then re-poured. But such extensive and expensive work is rarely required. The technology available to our full-service staff is truly amazing. Settled footings, foundation walls and slabs can be stabilized and even jacked back into their original positions with different pier-and-bracket systems.

Instead of demolishing and reconstructing a bowed foundation wall, anchors can often be installed to make the wall flat again, or close to it. A sagging, springy floor can be jacked back to level again and stiffened by installing precast footings and heavy-duty steel columns. Many of these repairs can be completed in 1-3 days, with minimal disruption to the house and its inhabitants.

If your house has a foundation problem, don't put off the repair. Once the symptoms of a foundation problem show up, it's a sure bet they will only get worse. Cracks will widen, settling and shifting will become more pronounced, and windows and door openings will become even more out of square. Resist the temptation to make cosmetic repairs when a serious structural problem exists. Unless the structural problem is corrected, a patched crack will continue to open up and widen. Our experienced team will be able to give you an accurate assessment of what's causing your foundation to fail, and what repair strategies can be used to save it. Contact us today to learn more about foundation problems and how we can repair your home's integrity with the A-1 method.

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