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Pulling Holiday Decorations from the Basement Often Reveals Foundation Cracks

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It happens to scores of people every year.  Your down in the basement pulling out the Holiday decorations and the bottom falls out of a few boxes.  Then you notice the water damage on the boxes.  It only takes a moment to trace the source back to the crack in your basement wall or floor.  

Well, don’t let it ruin your Holidays, but don’t delay taking action either.  Don’t be fooled that the frozen ground outside is doing you any favors.  Radiant heat from the house will ensure a steady stream of water continues to enter the house and potentially cause increasing damage.

A quick inspection from your crack investigative team  at A-1 Foundation Crack Repair will get you fully educated on the exact threat to your home and put your mind at ease.

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