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Problems and Cracks in Concrete Block Foundations

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 09, 2012

Although most builders use poured concrete for foundations, there is still a spot for concrete block foundations. Also, houses built between the late 1930’s to the 70’s were often built with concrete block foundations. For home additions, or crawl spaces concrete block foundations are common and economical. But concrete block foundations have problems and show them in many ways.

White dust showing on the insides of your concrete block foundation is the lime in the concrete coming through as a result of moisture. Horizontal foundation cracks in the mortar joints, horizontal shearing on the bottom of the walls, stair-step cracks, tipping and bulging are also problems you see with concrete block foundations.

You might be able to evaluate your foundation problems depending on the direction of the crack.

Horizontal Cracks
Horizontal cracks in concrete block, field stone or brick foundations mean that your foundation is subject to lateral pressure. The ground around your house expands when it’s wet, and then contract when it dries. This type of foundation damage is usually serious.

Vertical Crack
This often means there are "settling" problems with your foundation. Usually, this is a result of unstable soil which causes your foundation to rise and/or fall in certain areas.  Foundation cracks will almost always result in additional problems.

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