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Mold Proof Your Basement before Remodeling

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If you remodel your basement into the type of dream room that you have always wanted then you will most likely be proud of your achievement ... if it's done right. But before you congratulate yourself, you need to make sure that your new space is mold-proof. It is a common mistake to finish basements that are not mold-proof which can end up turning the dream into a nightmare. In many instances finished basements actually make mold more likely to occur because it creates the conditions that this fungus loves.

Mold just requires a few basic conditions and it is good to go. For mold to prosper it needs some dead organic material and some moisture. These are things which can be commonly found in most basements. Remodeling your basement can add to the problem because all that wood paneling and floor boards you are adding are giving it more to grow on. If you install a poorly ventilated shower in your basement you may as well prepare for mold because that is what you are going to get. You may not even notice that you have mold because if moisture is coming from the outside behind your wood paneling or underneath your new floor boards then this mold can be growing where you can't even see it. Mold that you can't see is the worst type of mold because it could lead to all sorts of damage to your health and finances.

So what are you to do? Now that you know how the problem arises you can take steps to prevent it from happening. Prior to commencing any finished basements project you will need to first check to see if you have dampness anywhere. If you find moisture and you are not certain about whether it is coming from inside or outside the house there is a little test you can perform. Put some plastic sheeting on the wall where you feel the dampness and leave for a day or two. If the water is on the outside of the plastic then you know you have condensation problems while if it is inside then you have water from the outside. Whatever the cause, you will need to remedy the situation before beginning any work on finishing your basement.

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