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Loading Dock Crack Repair

Joseph Coupal - Friday, June 01, 2012

You might think that we only do concrete crack repair for homes but we do commercial work too. And one of the most common projects we take on for businesses is cracked cement loading docks. If your loading dock is cracked, you may not believe that you have a problem, unfortunately you are wrong.

Cracks in concrete can cause you serious damage in the long run. Here in New England, as the weather changes and the ground freezes and thaws, those cracks expand and shift.

Most of those loading dock cracks are on the exterior of the building, therefore when it rains, the water finds the path of least resistance, it flows through the cracks. When it flows through the cracks in the cement, it makes them larger.

In a few years you will have a larger problem on your hands than a cracked loading dock. For help or information, contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair.

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