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Leaking Bulkheads Need Waterproofing

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 02, 2011

You need a dry basement for a healthy living environment. There are many ways that water can enter your basement. One of the most frustrating is a bulkhead leak. Most bulkhead leaks are a result of movement between the bulkhead and the foundation. Usually, bulkheads are separate units which are bolted to the foundation wall. During installation a black rubber seal is put between the foundation wall and the bulkhead unit.  This rubber seal is designed to stop water. This seal can fail when there is movement of the bulkhead, the foundation or both.
Due to the design of bulkheads, movement occurs during the winter months as the ground freezes and expands, and then in the spring as the ground thaws. This compromises the seal. In order for A-1 Foundation Crack Repair to inject between the bulkhead and foundation the closed cell polymer resin that has elasticity needs to adhere to the concrete in order to be most effective. Because bulkheads are susceptible to movement we do a return visit to perform another injection at no charge. No matter what style bulkhead you have; precast concrete unit, cinderblock bulkhead, fieldstone bulkhead or poured concrete walls with wooden stairs we have the expertise to solve your problem with water leakage.

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