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How To Identify A Foundation Leak

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 09, 2010

Sometimes its hard to know if you have a leak in your home or basement. With a couple of easy steps you can determine whether or not you have a leak. But a foundation leak is a different story. A foundation leak can be very troubling and stressful, that's why it's important to learn how to identify a foundation leak then get it fixed as soon as possible. The cause of foundation leaks can be because of various things. It could be a result of a leaking water pipe, condensation or simply because water is seeping in from the surrounding ground. Whatever the problem is you need to be able to identify the location and the cause of the leak.
When looking for a foundation leak it is important to take a look all along the basement wall looking for any obvious signs of damage. If there are any cracks in the wall then these will allow water in. Cracks will normally be found either right at the top or bottom of the wall. The cracks can differ from being very small and difficult to spot, to even being very noticeable. Bring a flashlight to look for these cracks as this will make it much easier to find any cracks no matter how small they are. Once you have found the cracks and identified the leak, give A-1 a call  to come and repair your leaky foundation. As leaving this problem alone can turn into long term damage to your home, and end up costing you much more than you would expect.

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