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Home Inspections - Foundation Cracks

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Inspections - Inspecting Foundation Cracks

If you are a homeowner or are buying a new home do not wait for water to appear in basement before calling A-1 Foundation Crack Repair for an inspection ... especially if you see cracks in basement walls or floors.  You need to determine the underlying cause (or causes) of foundation cracks (and related defects) which otherwise would remain the subject of speculation and ongoing concern/stress.

Fortunately most of the time, foundation cracks do not suggest the need for expensive foundation repair work. Concrete cracks or cracks in masonry, brickwork, stucco, plaster or drywall are not uncommon in structures and often are often tolerated by property owners without consequence.

So why do so many property owners need to consult a foundation repair expert? Because you need the experienced expert to distinguish between what is minor and what is a significant problem. Nobody else wants the liability of perhaps making the wrong call about a foundation crack.

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