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Foundation Inspections before You Buy or Sell

Joseph Coupal - Friday, September 07, 2012

The real estate market is improving, and many of you are getting ready to buy or sell a home. If you are one of these people, don’t wait for water to appear in basement before a basement water proofing specialist for an inspection.

You especially want to call a water proofing specialist if you cracks in the basement walls or floors.  If you are buying a selling a home with basement cracks, it is important to determine the cause of foundation cracks. Left unattended, foundation cracks will cause problems and always be cause for concern.

Despite what you may have heard, oftentimes, foundation cracks do not equal expensive foundation repair work. Concrete cracks or cracks in masonry, plaster or drywall are not uncommon in many homes. Often there is no problem with these cracks, they are merely part of the structure. But in the occasion they are problematic, best to fix them before the problem starts.

Contact A-1 Foundation Crack Repair for a foundation or basement floor inspection before you buy or sell a home.

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