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Foundation Crack Repair in Boston

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 15, 2013

There are many issues that can lead to foundation cracks. But, foundation repair is not a DIY job. When it comes to foundation cracks it is important to find the cause of the cracks and use the right methods to fix the problem and repair the cracks. If cracked foundations go untreated, or is fixed improperly, it could affect the functionality, structural integrity and value of your home.

However, there are signs that you may have a shifting foundation: Sticking doors or windows, expansion of drywall joints in the ceilings or walls, and cracks on interior or exterior walls and foundation.  These can all be signs of foundation movement.

Finding a cracks in the foundation early is obviously best. Unfortunately, many homeowners only find cracks as a result of basement water. A homeowner can do a fairly thorough foundation inspection, and of course if you have any of the above signs, it may be time to have a specialist take a look.

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