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Foundation and Basement Cracks Need to Be Fixed

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, April 13, 2013

Do you worry about cracks in your basement or foundation?  Rather than disregarding these telltale signs of problems take action. Preventive maintenance in visible and invisible places can keep expensive disasters out of your life.

Spending a little may save a lot in financial costs and stress in the future. It is important that you not neglect the small repairs that can turn into larger repairs down the road.


Foundation cracks aren't necessarily the harbinger of huge problems, we don’t want to scare you. Concrete will harden and will crack. There is typical shrinkage as concrete cures, so you can get cracks in concrete in the crawl space or basement.

The rule of thumb: If a crack is a quarter-inch wide or wider, then there's concern. Inside the home, drywall can crack as well.

A drywall crack at about a 45-degree angle indicates settlement in the home. Some settlement is normal, but if you have several of these cracks, that could be a concern and should be addressed.

Gases and Molds

All homes, regardless of age, size, or configuration, should be radon tested, especially if there are cracks in the basement, according to EPA guidelines. Radon is found in basements and crawlspaces.
Although typically not a problem, mold can occur with chronic water or plumbing leaks. We see more mold issues in homes built after 1990 because the houses are so airtight, they don't breathe like older homes.
Water leaks can ruin belongings, woodwork and more if the leak goes unnoticed. A simple fix can save bundles in the future.

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