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Finding Basement Mold

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 21, 2010

If your basement is damp or occasionally floods, chances are you have basement mold growing in it. Basement mold can damage your home and become a health issue for you and your family.

To determine if you have basement mold growing in your basement there are a few things you can do. First, simply smell the basement. If it smells moldy, then you more than likely have basement mold growing. It is then just a matter of finding out where it is and getting rid of it. However, finding basement mold is not always so easy.

Conventional building material is ideal for growing basement mold. Basement mold grows easily on wood and paper products, e.g. framing, faced insulation, and drywall.  To find out where the basement mold is growing, pay close attention to the ground level. Check the lower portion of the walls, particularly walls with drywall on them. Basement mold typically grows in dark, cool, moist places, so check behind paneling and drywall, and in basement closets. Also, lift carpets and look under them. Carpet is a great breeding ground for growing basement mold. If you have a dropped ceiling, lift some the ceiling tiles and check for mold growing on the backside of them.     

Pay close attention to ceiling tiles that are directly under plumbing pipes. Also check around plumbing pipes and air conditioning duct work.

The best way to prevent basement mold is to make sure the basement stays dry and that there is sufficient airflow in it. If your basement is frequently damp or wet, then you will most likely need to address the problem from the outside and inside. Check that rain water drains away from the home, and contact  A-1 Foundation Crack Repair for an analysis.

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