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Even Well Made Foundations Can Develop Cracks

Joseph Coupal - Monday, March 14, 2011

Your foundation is the cornerstone of your home. It is the footing on which the rest of your house sits. When your foundation has problems, so does the rest of your house. Even well-made foundations can develop problems over time from soil settlement, heavy rains, ice, or other ground movement issues. Serious trouble can result from cracking, crumbling, and settling in your foundation. If these problems are not resolved quickly and correctly, foundation failure can create structural instability. Many homeowners who have never experienced water problems in their homes before are experiencing them now after this long hard winter and the recent rain. Contact A1 Foundation Crack Repair if you're concerned about your foundation.

There are many indicators of foundation settling, cracking, and bowing which can crop up both in and out of your home. A few common signs to watch for can include: bowing or leaning foundation walls, cracks in stair masonry, basement leaks or water stains, musty smells, windows and doors that are sticking and/or a leaning chimney.
If your home has any of these symptoms, have your house assessed by a professional water proofing and basement crack repair company.  Overtime, your home’s foundation will continue to deteriorate until it is repaired.

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