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Even The Smallest Leak Can Cause Big Damage

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leaks in the walls can be very bad and if not fixed or found the damages can become toxic. Walls can become weak and bow out and separate, which leave gaps between them. Moisture can form in the walls causing mold to grow. Wetness and mold can start to grow up the walls and spread. If you see bowing, weakness in the walls, paint peeling, or other signs you may have or will have water damage spreading through out your walls. You can also know that you may have water damage to the walls if it starts to fall apart and if things will not stick on the walls.

Those leaks can spread to your carpet and become destroyed or it can start to rot, because of the mold that the moisture from the leak causes. When mold forms from water damage, toxins can come from anywhere such as carpets, drywalls, under wallpaper, ceilings, and in and on the wood. Which will later fall apart if not fixed right away. Your home can become a health hazard, which can get you very sick, causing health problems and more. Never think that the smallest leak will not damage your home, because it will the longer it sets and the father it spreads. When the toxins occur in your home it will spread to the air, which can make your eyes burn, wheezing, allergies, and it can led to breathing problems. Make sure if you suspect any leaks or don’t know how, contact us here at A-1 Foundation Crack Repair and let the experts solve the problem.

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