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Damp Basements can Cause Larger Problems

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 18, 2011

A leaky basement can be a nightmare. Regular dampness can cause mold growth and musty smells, stored items can be ruined, and the foundation of your home can even be damaged by regular water.  If you have moisture, drips, seepage, or other water related issues in your basement, you need to get it sealed and dried out fast, before bigger problems develop.

The first step to eliminating the moisture problems in your basement is to identify the source of the water. Once you have located where the water is entering the building, you can resolve the problem.

Drainage Problems

Exterior drainage issues can be a major source of water in your basement; if water is brought away from your foundation, it can work its way inside. If you notice water flowing toward your house on rainy days, have blocked or malfunctioning gutters, or can see any signs of erosion, you likely have drainage problems. Some drainage problems are easy to fix: clean and repair your gutters if they aren't working. Pay special attention to downspouts, and be sure that they are directing water away from your house. Other drainage issues can be more difficult to fix. If it isn’t the gutters, you'll want to consult a professional basement waterproofing company. They will be able to identify problematic water patterns.
Basement Leaks

Water can also work its way into your basement through cracks or crevices in your foundation. This type of problem usually manifests itself as a visible break or fracture, a trickle of water, or a damp spot. Basement leaks can also be caused by porous foundations. There doesn't necessarily have to be a crack for water to be seeping in. You have a number of options for waterproofing your basement and A1 Foundation Crack Repair, waterproofing specialists, can provide professional basement sealing results.

Make sure you address water problems in your basement promptly; instead of assuming that they will go away on their own, foundation water problems frequently snowball into moisture and mold crises. Take the time to identify and resolve the source of the moisture-you won't regret it.

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